Poem: Brenda Brooks, ‘Anything’

I can be
your man, I can
be your mother,
I can be
your reluctant nun,

or your favourite
amphibian, fluent
on land or water.

I can be
the girl with
who galloped her
best horse into
the schoolyard &
won your marbles
fair and square.

We could be
dirty & twelve
again, find some
trouble to be up to,
invent our own
words for things —
we could tell
them to each other
in the pungent,
private places
girls like us

(tree girls,
river girls,
girls with pine-cones
on their minds,
who tell time
by the sun, who
find their bearings
by the stars,
restless girls
whose bikes have hooves,
girls with bows
& arrows they made
girls with
the sounds of horses
in their throats)

always find.

Fluent on land
or water,
we could be
man, or

Brenda Brooks, 1990.


4 thoughts on “Poem: Brenda Brooks, ‘Anything’

  1. “girls like us”What a great poem. My Girl is a horse girl. She has had a horse since she was in middle school.Thanks for posting another poem!!! 🙂

  2. Thanks for posting this…I have never read anything by the author before but this is a great poem. Yes – life is about poetry!

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