The Kids are Alright (but I’m not sure my partner’s going to be)

I am extremely skeptical about this film, but I was thinking that, since I’ve set myself the task of writing about lesbian films, I should try to watch it at some point.

Me:  “I’m not going to pay to watch it in the cinema. It can wait for DVD.”

Andy: “We’re going to watch it?!”

Me:  “We have to!”

Andy:  “We do NOT.”

Me: “So I can review it for the lesbian movie marathon”

Andy:  “I will support you if you choose to inflict this on yourself … But I feel exploited by all this crap! … There’s so many real stories they could tell and instead they choose to tell this shit! … I’m going to write to Julianne Moore and tell her to stop trying to resurrect her flagging career by appearing in bad lesbian movies.  What is this? The third one?  What’s her problem?  Why lesbians?  What did we ever do to her? Also, way to ruin a perfectly good song with bad associations!”

She sat though Clare of the Moon, but it seems that I might have found Andygrrrl’s line in the sand.  I guess you’re going to have to watch this space ….

4 thoughts on “The Kids are Alright (but I’m not sure my partner’s going to be)

  1. Hahaha. I had a similar conversation in my house, but we agreed to wait to watch it after I found out about the “twist” in the plot.

  2. Well, we will give it a go and try and be open-minded!

    I think one of the problems is that this really isn’t our kind of movie – we’d never watch it if it wasn’t about lesbians!

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