Poem: Marilyn Hacker, ‘Untitled’

First, I want to make you come in my hand
while I watch you and kiss you, and if you cry,
I’ll drink your tears while, with my whole hand, I
hold your drenched loveliness contracting. And
after a breath, I want to make you full
again, and wet. I want to make you come
in my mouth like a storm. No tears now. The sum
of your parts is my whole most beautiful
chart of the constellations — your left breast
in my mouth again. You know you’ll have to be
your age. As I lie beside you, cover me
like a gold cloud, hands everywhere, at last
inside me where I trust you, then your tongue
where I need you. I want you to make me come.

I forgot to post a poem yesterday, so I thought I’d make up for it with this sexy piece from lesbian poet Marilyn Hacker.  Weirdly enough, Marilyn Hacker used to be married to science fiction writer Samuel R Delaney, until they both realised they were gay.

3 thoughts on “Poem: Marilyn Hacker, ‘Untitled’

  1. On the contrary, Delany knew he was gay before and during his marraige to Hacker — see his autobiography, Motion of Light in Water.

    I don’t know if Hacker “realized” she was gay — in Love, Death and elsewhere in Taking Notice, she describes as herself as “choosing” to be gay.

    • Thanks for the correction.

      Well, if Hacker chose to be gay her poetry suggests that she’s really enjoyed that choice.

  2. Do you know of a Hacker sonnet (I think) where she says something along the lines of ‘Lock up your daughters because I’m really horny’?

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