This week’s culture round-up

From The Lesbrary, Have you ever thought to yourself, “Is there any way I can be more lesbian?” In my case, I would have to answer “not really” to that, but this post showed me how the ownership of certain books could possibly make me feel even more lesbian than I do already.

From Flavorwire,  Robert Maplethorpe’s portraits of cultural icons . I particularly like his portraits of Patti Smith and Debbie Harry –  I think the naked woman holding the gigantic snake looks a little tense though.

From, Don your tights, glitter and goblin horns, it’s Labyrinth day. I loved Labyrinth when I was a kid.  It’s actually playing at a local cinema next month and we are so going to see it.

Jess McCabe has started writing a series called Murder, She Blogged on the representation of detectives, police and crime in pop culture from a feminist perspective.  That sounds awesome to me.  The first post is on the ill-fated series Mrs Columbo, which I never watched but which stared Kate Mulgrew who I later came to love in her role as Star Trek: Voyager’s Captain Janeway.

From Womanist Musings, The Problem with Urban Fantasy Fandom (and why we need to critique Buffy the Vampire Slayer).   Much as I love Buffy, and have been watching it addictively recently, I do think this show can stand to be critiqued on many levels.

From Flavorwire, Great parties in literature we wish we could have attended.  I wouldn’t actually want to attend many of these parties (especially not the one in Brett Easton Ellis’s Less than Zero).  Just for the record, I like riotous parties which involve lots of food, music and, if at all possible, dancing.

From Den of Geek, Terminator 2 is 20 years old.  No way!  That dates me.  My best friend and I went to see this film at least twice when it came out.  Linda Hamilton’s Sarah Connor was a bit of hero of mine even in my pre-feminist days.

From A Piece of Monologue, one for the theory geeks, What is Hauntology? On a recent trend in Critical Theory.

Occasionally I see something that makes me feel sorry that I left academia.  This may be one of those things.

From 3am Magazine, Everybody is Writing a Novel.  I can assure you that I’m not writing a novel.  Ok, I might be lying about that, but this article about Roland Barthes is another one for the theory fans.

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