This week’s culture round-up

What, is it Sunday already? How did that happen?

From Den of Geek we have an article about The Space Age in Cinema.  I think the first space-age themed science fiction movie that I remember seeing and being impressed by was Douglas Trumball’s Silent Running.   I re-watched it again recently and was disappointed to find it a pretty silly film.

The 10 Greatest Unintentionally Hilarious Lines in from Science Fiction and Fantasy. I kind of want a  “The neutrinos are mutating!” t-shirt now.

Posters have been released for the remake of Fright Night starring David Tennant.  I love the original Fright Night and I’m not liking the look of this remake.  In fact there may be a whole post about that soon.  Last week I was also disturbed to hear that remakes of Evil Dead, Total Recall and Oldboy are all in the pipeline.  I have a feeling that the first two might go and replace the truly groundbreaking 1980s special effects that featured in the originals with CGI and, perhaps I’m being a bit cumudgeonly, but is there a need for another version of Oldboy?

Meanwhile here’s an upcoming movie that does excite me, David Croenenburg’s A Dangerous Method, which is about the birth of psychoanalysis and stars Viggo Mortensen as Sigmund Freud.

Why do female detectives have such traumatic pasts? asks Jess McCabe in the second of her Murder she Blogged series.