This week’s culture round-up

I didn’t do a round-up last Sunday because I didn’t think I had enough links, so now I probably have too many.

From After Ellen, Whatever happened to the cast of But I’m a Cheerleader? This reminds me, actually, that I haven’t written a post about But I’m Cheeleader for my lesbian movie marathon series yet even though it’s one of my favourites.

Peter Bradshaw writes about Victim, the 1961 film that starred Dirk Bogarde and explored homophobia in a way that was remarkably direct for the time.

How science fiction cover art gots its pulpy sense of wonder. I do love pulpy science fiction cover art.

A post about Sarah Schulman, one of my favourite lesbian writers, and one who I don’t think gets enough critical attention

From Lambada Literary, the 20th anniversary of Jewelle Gomez’s lesbian vampire series, the Gilda stories. I still haven’t read these stories because they’re difficult to get hold of in the UK.

From Bad Reputation, a guest post by author Juliet Mckenna, The Representation of women in Fantasy: What’s the Problem?. It got a bit of a debate going in the comments.

From Geek Sugar, a list of science fiction and fantasy books that have been banned in the last two decades

From, Five classic science fiction films steeped in noir

From The Guardian, an article asking, is there too much CGI in monster movies these days?

Also, from the Guardian, With Conan and The Thing back at the cinema it’s like 1982 all over again. I’m not happy about this latest fad for remaking almost every decent SF and fantasy film from the 1980s.

One for fans of Star Trek: Voyager, a video showing the amusing consequences of the show’s appearance on teen jeopardy