This week’s culture round-up

From Little Red Reviewer, a review of The Doomsday Book by science fiction writer Connie Willis.  I’ve never read anything by Willis and this sounds like a good place to start.

As I’m sure you all know by now, fantasy writer Anne McCaffrey died.  I haven’t read any of her novels either, though I have read an excerpt from The Ship Who Sang which I liked, and I’ve got the first of the Pern series on my bookshelf.

From, The future of the book as depicted in science fiction

Also from, some imaginary exoplanets. I’m very excited about exoplanets.

From Heroine Content, a review of SF comedy Attack the Block, a film that I’m looking forward to seeing.

From Womanist Musings, Race Lessons from Breaking Dawn Pt 1 .  For all the criticism of the Twlight series, it’s sparked a lot of interesting and constructive commentary, perhaps because it seems to hit so many cultural pressure points.

I really enjoyed this post from s.e. smith, writing at Tiger Beatdown, interrogating the politics of the often expressed feminist desire for “strong female characters”, What Do you Mean when you say you want Strong Female Characters?. I’ve always found the term “strong female character”  irritating because it seems oversimplistic.  I’d prefer to see complex, nuanced and wide-ranging representations of women.

From The Mary Sue, apparently Nichelle Nichols also read for the role of Spock in Star Trek.  I love Leonard Nimoy in the role, but that would have been really interesting and a lot more radical.

From Rookie, Season of the Witch: Why Teenage Girls are so Scary?   Great comments on The Exorcist

Lesbian cartoon chartacters?  What do you reckon? I know I had a bit of a thing for Velma from Scooby Doo.


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