This Week’s Culture Round-up

Before we get to the epic barbarian art and horror movie posters, I thought I’d start with some serious links about writing.

Although I enjoy a bit of writing (as my several blogs attest), I’m not sure that I’d like to do it professionally, but for those of you who do have such ambitions, via @HarriKay on twitter we have Chuck Wendig’s, 25 Things I Want to say to So-called Aspiring Writers ; and, via @memories_child, here’s an interesting article about creative non-fiction, truth and fact checking: Facts are Stupid

For the feminists among you, Stavvers has a series of posts critiquing Catherine Hakim’s book Honey Money: The Power of Erotic Capital starting here.

For those of you interested in the history of sexuality, here’s an article in the Huffington Post from Hanne Blank on Uncovering the History of Heterosexuality, via @SonofBaldwin.

Stale Popcorn revisits the film Mommie Dearest which is something of a cult favourite among gay men.  A few years ago I worked in an office where all my colleagues were gay men and did occasionally wonder why they used to shout “No wire hangers, ever!” at each other – because of this movie apparently.

From Madam Guillotine, a post about the reinterpretation of Irene Adler in recent takes on Sherlock Holmes The Case of the Sudden Femme Fatale, found via Bad Reputation on twitter.

From This Ain’t Livin’ I Hate You Stephen Moffat.  I’m afraid I gave up on Dr Who at the beginning of the last series.

But there’s a new feminist Dr Who blog in town: Doctor Her which is much needed I think, considering all the feminist discussion we’ve seen about the show recently.

Well, this is depressing, 15 minutes of Worf’s ideas getting shot down by everyone on the Next Generation.  It would be interesting if someone (with more patience and dedication than me) went through the episodes and checked how many times Worf’s suggestions are actually correct, or at least sensible – quite a few times I suspect.

In general SF news,  the 2011 Nebula Award nominees have been announced  (Via The Angry Black Woman on twitter)

On twitter @infamy_infamy pointed me towards these two tumblrs about the representation of female anatomy in comic books, Less Tits n’ Ass, More Kickin’ Arse and Escher Girls.

More from s.e. smith at This Ain’t Livin: Human Monstrosities: Vampires and Villainism which is about the humanization of the vampire in recent vampire fictions.

I wasn’t kidding about the horror movie posters. From Final Girl, here are some posters for horror films based in space and (via Monsters in America), 10 Great Horror Movie Posters.

I wasn’t kidding about the epic Barbarian art either, check it out it!  I could say many things about this, but right now  I want to go and watch Star Trek.

So, it was Valentine’s Day last week.  Be glad you didn’t receive any of these vintage cards  … at least I really hope you didn’t.