This week’s culture round-up

From the Guardian, an interview with writer Toni Morrison. I really like her points about the importance of owning your feelings and the way the significance of female friendship has been neglected in literature.

On a completely different note, what if George Eliot’s masterpiece Middlemarch had been conducted via the medium of Facebook? (Hat tip: @RohanMitzain on twitter) – Quite a useful teaching tool if you’re doing this text with students.

From The New Yorker, Roland Barthes: Myths we don’t outgrow, an essay about Barthes’s Mythologies, a seminal text in cultural criticism, and a great read too.

From Lambda Literary, a review of Sarah Schulman’s new book The Gentrification of the Mind: Witness to a lost imagination. Schulman is always worth reading and this sounds amazing.

Oh look, a Pinterest board for lesbian pulp fiction

From Douchebag and Shoes, Why we can’t let Marilyn Monroe Rest in Peace?

A few weeks back, people were directing murderous feelings towards the figure of the ‘Manic pixie dream girl’, but this article wants to know ‘Whither the Manic Pixie Dream Guy?‘ in pop culture.

From Aliette Bodard, Sherlock: The Case of the Invisible Women.  This show really seems to divide people.  Personally, I just don’t get it, but it’s certainly generating a lot of interesting discussion re: gender and sexuality.

In the (also lively) arena of feminist Dr Who discussion, a post about Why Amy Pond Must Live.  But, since they’re getting rid of poor old Amy anyway, K. Tempest Bradford has suggested 10 Better Choices for the next Dr Who Companion.

From Foz Meadows, a short post about the problems with the term ‘strong female character‘ and a longer one about female agency in fantasy novels (Hat tip Little Red Reviewer).

Also generating a lot of discussion, Catherynne’s Valente’s post about the way female authors of science and fantasy are treated online: Gender and the Fallout Over Christopher Priest, and a related post from Nick Mamatas, Some things really do require only hate.

As a bit of an antidote to all the sexism, here’s a Female Science Fiction Author Reading List

I loved this post from, 5 Reasons why Will Riker creeps me out. Riker really is quite a horrifying character when you pause to think about it for a moment.

It’s not all bad though,  some positive male representation from the Star Trek universe praised in this post from Racialicious, A look back at Deep Space Nine’s Ben Sisko

For the Babylon 5 fans, I came across this rather wonderful Babylon 5 fashion tumblr, Our last best hope for a decent tailor

From The Guardian, I am Legend named vampire novel of the century.  Perhaps I’m being slightly paranoid, but it interests me to see I am Legend being given this honour when it’s also probably the most macho and least queer vampire novel that I’ve read.

From Science Fiction and Other Suspect Ruminations, Top 11 Science Fiction Novels from the 1960s. I’m looking forward to exploring some of these.

And, just for fun, (via @HarriKay)  here’s a Carl Sagan cake.

4 thoughts on “This week’s culture round-up

  1. Our own Jian Gameshi of the CBC just completed a two hour interview with Ms. Morrison,
    you can check in out on you tube, the name of the show is Q, I’ve listened yet, but, Gameshi is very good/

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