Leslie Feinberg: 1949 – 2014


Feinberg in 1997, in a photograph by Ulrike Anhamm (wikipedia)

A little round-up of posts about Leslie Feinberg who sadly passed away this week at the age of 65. It is only through the immense courage of people like Feinberg that our lives have become possible. We should remember them with honour and gratitude.

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The Advocate, Op-ed: How Leslie Feinberg Saved My Life

My favourite quote appeared in Sassafras Lowry’s Lambda Literary piece Losing our Hero:

“As queer folk, so many of us have been rejected and abandoned that we’ve had to build our own worlds. So many of us have found ourselves so alone when we come out. We grow ourselves up. We build our own families and in a way queer books become our parents, our grandparents, our best friends and families. We curl up with them on cold nights on borrowed couches uncertain of where we will sleep tomorrow, or in bathtubs, our ears ringing with the sound of a lovers footsteps walking out the door a final time. We turn to books to prove that we exist. Books keep us company, raise us up, and give us hope that survival is possible. In a way, through queer books we build a relationship to that book’s author as well. For so many of us, Leslie is more than a beloved author. Zie has been part of our family. Now, as we mourn hir loss, we’re left trying to understand a world that is much darker and colder without hir to fight for us and protect us.” 

Books by Leslie Feinberg
Stone Butch Blues 
Transgender Warriors
Transgender Liberation: A Movement Whose Time has Come 

Website: Transgender Warrior

“Remember me as a revolutionary communist.”