Herbies Vegetarian Restaurant

I’m not a vegetarian, but I love good vegetarian food. Last week, my partner and I happened to be in Exeter where we discovered Herbies Vegetarian Restaurant.

This is a wonderfully old-fashioned place. It has no twitter account, no website of its own and the drinks menu includes Barley Cup.

We both ordered falafel wraps. I had the three salads option, while my partner went for potato wedges.

Image shows two plates with falafel wraps, salad and chips.

It was the real falafel made with ground, dried chickpeas. The chefs didn’t stint on the tahini and the filling was spiced up with chilli sauce. The accompanying salads were super-fresh, with not a soggy noodle or limp leaf anywhere to be seen. The red slaw contained red cabbage, apple, beetroot and red onion. I wasn’t sure how well the Chinese noodle salad would go with the falafel wraps, but it was fine. You can really tell when thought has gone into balancing the flavours and textures of a meal.

We accompanied it with Elderflower cordial (because that’s the law) and I followed it all with the Barley Cup, which wasn’t as bad as I remember from my early 1980s ‘back-to-the-land, small-holding’ childhood.

We left well-nourished and restored after what had been a challenging morning.