Soundtrack to July

I need something upbeat to get me moving in the morning. July’s get-up-and-go pop music has been provided by LP. Her new album Forever for Now is fast, fun and summery. She’s an out lesbian and she looks utterly adorable playing the ukulele in her videos.

One of my friends sent me this rare footage of Bruce Springsteen and Tracy Chapman singing ‘My Hometown‘ live in 2004. The video triggered a craving and I lost most of an evening watching Bruce Springsteen videos on You Tube. This performance of Dancing in the Dark featuring his Mum slays me, while this live cover of Stayin’ Alive is going on my list of favourite things ever.

I’ve been getting into Melissa Ferrick. She’s another lesbian artist and her songs are pretty sad and love-lorn as a rule, but her live performances have a delightful humour. Check out her our performing Closer and One Year.

Andy’s been a fan of Alela Diane for some time. I didn’t pay much attention. Then one day I started listening to these beautiful tracks.  “Who is this?” I cried, “She’s amazing”. That’s Alela Diane said Andy. Her album About Farewell is gorgeous and she’s touring in November.

July Mix Tape

L.P. Into the Wild 
Janelle Monae (Feat. Prince), Given Em What they Love 
Magnapop, Here it Comes
Melissa Ferrick, Drive
Bruce Springsteen, Dancing in the Dark
Alela Diane, Blacksheep
Daughter, Love 
Mary Gauthier and Ben Glover, Oh Soul