My favourite bookshops (Machynlleth & Aberystwyth edition)

First we went to The Penrallt Gallery in Machynlleth, a small bookshop with a lovely and carefully put together selection. They specialise in art, poetry and Welsh publishers.


Slightly blurry photograph which hopefully conveys something of this shop’s elegant and soothing atmosphere.


By the way, if you like this kind of bookshop I’d also recommend The Hours Cafe and Bookshop in Brecon.

Then we visited Ystwyth Books in Aberystwyth, which has more of a ‘just cram in as many books as possible’ aesthetic.


Books everywhere. Books lining the walls. Books balanced precariously on shelves high above your head. Books all over the staircase. I climbed up on a stool to have a look at the science fiction collection and was surprised to spot books by Anna Kavan who I’ve only ever heard of once before on Science Fiction and Other Suspect Ruminations. Go there if you like a good rummage.