The Quarry Cafe, Machynlleth

The Quarry Cafe in Machynlleth is a traditional and comfortable vegetarian restaurant, with a menu full of reassuring veggie classics. Last time we were there I had the wholemeal pitta bread with chickpea falafel and hummus. It filled me up for about three days.




This time we decided to sample the veggie burger. I think it may contain TVP (textured vegetable protein), something I haven’t tasted since I was a teenager. It comes served in a chewy, home made bread roll. This is not food to rush.


We couldn’t resist going back for more. On the second visit I had the halloumi. and mushroom burger which was absolutely delicious.


Andy went for the vegetable moussaka. It’s kind of hidden underneath the salads in the photograph, but she says it was lovely.


If you’re in the area I’d recommend The Treehouse in Aberystwyth as well.




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