A Quiet New Year

I never really know what to do with the calendar New Year. We both find Christmas difficult and, by the time 1st January rolls around, we’re thoroughly sick of the festivities. Certainly not in any mood for partying.  But it’s one of the ways that society makes sense of time passing and it’s difficult to ignore, so we feel that we should acknowledge it in some way.

We’ve decided to redefine New Year’s Day as “banish Xmas and take care of ourselves day”.  My mother, devout Catholic that she is, always made us celebrate the full twelve days of Christmas. I enjoyed the holiday when I was growing up, but that last week, with the half-naked tree, drooping decorations and endless heavy family dinners, just made me feel like I hated everything.

This year we spent the morning cleaning our flat and getting rid of Christmas-related stuff. We changed the sheets and made everything smell nice. We had an aromatic lentil soup for lunch (which is traditional for New Year apparently) and went for a walk. The sun even came out and I saw a green woodpecker. For dinner, we had Bigos, the Polish sauerkraut and sausage strew that we love, but which takes ages to cook.

I’m quite looking forward to January. I intend to enjoy it for what it is, a time of relative quiet before the year really gets going at work. I’m planning to eat lots of wholesome, hearty meals, drink brandy toddies, and go to bed early with a hot water bottle and a book.

2 thoughts on “A Quiet New Year

  1. Since commentes were closed on “The adventures of Crystal Barbie and other stories” ; the Sindy in the dress you call Mystery is called Premiere. She came 1985. 🙂

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