Soundtrack to the Week

Album of the Week


LP, Lost on You (2016)

LP has been around for ages. My girlfriend saw her play live about twelve years ago. She finally seems to be getting some traction as a purveyor of upbeat, lesbian pop/rock. I’ve been listening to this all week. It’s more bluesy than her last album and is full of catchy tunes like ‘Muddy Waters’, ‘Lost on You’, ‘Other People’ and ‘Strange’. A lot of fun.

Top Track, ‘No Witness’


aimee mann batchelor

Aimee Mann, Bachelor No 2 or, the last remains of the dodo (2000) 

Sometimes I think that all Aimee Mann songs sound kind of the same, but somehow all manage to be excellent. This is a beautiful, melancholy album, more serious in tone than her previous albums which have a more quirky sense of humour. Top track ‘Calling it quits’.



Nina Nastasia, Dogs (2000)

This feels extremely accomplished for a first album. I have no idea what she’s going on about here (or on any of her other albums), but I love the arrangements and slightly sinister ambiance. Top track: ‘All Your Life



Ryan Adams, Gold (2001) 

Ryan Adams’s Heartbreaker is one of my favourite albums, but Gold is excellent too.  Top track, Harder Now That it’s Over



Throwing Muses, The Real Ramona (2001)

I love Throwing Muses and this album is amazing. It does have a lighter, poppier feel than most of their other work (both earlier and later), but there’s plenty of thumping percussion and great baselines. It’s even quite menacing in places. Top tracks, ‘Hook in her Head’ (live version) and ‘Not Too Soon’


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