The Albums that Made Me #1 – ABBA, ‘The Album’ (1977)

Of course it’s impossible to remember exactly which album I heard first, but I’ve decided to start with this one by ABBA because I know it would have been playing in our house around the same time as I started to become aware of my environment.

The Album was released in the UK in 1978 when I was a year old and, although my Mum pretty much gave up on popular music when I was born, she still liked ABBA. Even now, hearing these songs gives me that strange thrill you get when you listen to music associated with your earliest childhood. I can remember the cassette when I was a few years older, battered, the letters almost entirely rubbed off and the sleeve long gone by then. I loved it and would campaign to have it played on car journeys.

The best tracks on there are the hits ‘Take a Chance on Me’ and ‘The Name of the Game’, but my favourites were always ‘Move on’ and ‘Eagle’, which is a very odd song about someone turning into an eagle (?!).

I still love ABBA.

Top track, Move On

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