Soundtrack to Last Week

I somehow managed to publish this post yesterday before it was ready. I must have hit ‘publish’ instead of ‘update’. Anyway, properly updated now.

Album cover is a blurred photograph of Hersh's son, Wyatt,with a purple filter. He is looking down and wearing a white t-shirt and dark trousers. The track listing is in white text on the left

Kristin Hersh, Wyatt at the Coyote Palace (2016)

I love everything Kristin Hersh has ever done. This is a beautiful, spiky, life-affirming album.

Top track: Bright

Album cover is a stylised drawing of a skull on a black background

Album cover is a colour photograph of a rough track leading towards the sea

Bonnie prince Billy, I See a Darkness (1999) and The Letting Go (2006)

My two favourite albums from Will Oldham. Both winter listens for me.

Top tracks: I See a Darkness and Strange Form of Life

Album cover shows a faded bunch of flowers against an off-white background

Sleater Kinney, No Cities to Love (2015)

Always enjoy listening to Sleater Kinney. I cleaned the kitchen to this last night.

Top track: Surface

2 thoughts on “Soundtrack to Last Week

  1. What a story-full list of tunes. I’ve had to look most of them up, and thanks for that. Some really good discoveries here – what a week you must have had.

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