RIP Kate Wilhelm

The great science fiction and mystery writer Kate Wilhelm died this week at the age of 89 

I have never forgotten her stories ‘The Infinity Box’ and ‘Naming the Flowers’.

You can find a full list of her works here


In which I express my affection for ‘The Devil in the Dark’

Twitter informed me that the Star Trek episode ‘The Devil in the Dark’ (1967) was first aired fifty-one years ago on 9th March 1967.  This reminded me that it’s probably my favourite episode from the original series.

Kirk, Spock and McCoy beam down to a mining planet where the miners are under attack from a terrifying alien creature that lives in the depths of the tunnels.

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I adore ‘The Devil in the Dark’ and think it brings together the elements that make Star Trek great.

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Soundtrack to the Week

Ryan Adams, Heartbreaker (2000)


This album had such an influence on me. It was one of the first americana albums I bought and it blew my mind. It’s also one of the best break-up albums ever made. Top track, Come Pick Me Up

Patti Smith, Land (2002)


Amazing career retrospective.

Gillian Welch, Hell Among the Yearlings (1998)


I think this feels like Gillian Welch’s coldest, starkest work. I don’t listen to it very often. Top track: Caleb Meyer

Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy, The Letting Go (2006)


This is one of my favourite Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy albums. The arrangements and harmonies are so beautiful. Top track: Strange Form of Life 

Suede, Coming Up (1996)


Nostalgia kick of the week. Top track: Beautiful Ones


Made me smile …

Miles O’ Brien’s blue ‘date night’ shirt.


So adorable!


Keiko knows what this means.


February culture round-up


I finished exactly one book this month, The Thirteen Problems, which is a collection of early Miss Marple stories. It was quite fun. Good for dropping off to sleep with. I’ve got several other books on the go. I’m chipping away at Eat Up! by Ruby Tandoh. I’m enjoying it, but it’s presenting a challenge to my eating disordered brain. I’ve started Sovereign, the third in C.J. Sansom’s Tudor mystery series. I’m halfway through Finders Keepers by Stephen King and not liking it as much as Mr Mercedes, mainly because I find the bad guy deeply uninteresting and a lot it is told from his perspective.


We went to the cinema twice to see The Shape of Water and Black Panther. I really enjoyed both films and the interesting discussions they’ve sparked online. We also watched Crimson Peak on Netflix, which was enjoyably ridiculous, and a lot less ironic than I expected.


Star Trek Discovery generated the most excitement about television. I have quite few problems with this show (which I won’t get into here because it would need a longer post), but I still enjoyed watching and found it really compelling. We finished up the second season of The Good Place. I was very lukewarm until about halfway through season one. I’ve got into it, but I wonder if it can live up to its ambition and it does poke me in my ex-catholic sore spots a bit! We started watching Welsh mystery series, Hinterland (Y Gwyll). I like the dark, atmospheric, Gothic bleakness of it, plus it’s set in the area around where I was born. Finally, we are loving Wynonna Earp  – so much fun and we both fancy most of the main cast.


It was all about First Aid Kit this month.


Soundtrack to the Week

Cat power

Cat Power, Sun (2012)

I don’t love it as much as The Greatest, but I like it a lot.  Top track, ‘Ruin


uh huh her

Uh Huh Her, Common Reaction (2008)

Shiny electropop and so much fun. Top track: ‘Not a Love Song‘.



Neil Young, Decade (1977)

Incredible retrospective and it’s only the first ten years.  Top tracks ‘Expecting to Fly‘ and ‘Winterlong‘, which is probably my favourite Neil Young song.




Your body isn’t meant to be at a weight that it can only sustain through restriction.

Christy Harrison, The Truth About your Weight