All That is Solid – politics, books, sociology

Anne Billson – film, popular culture

A Little Blog of Books

Aut of spoons self-advocacy/oppression

BethanVJones – fan studies, academia, pop culture

Bookish Butch – Books and life (lesbian blog)

Casey the Canadian Lesbrari

an – LGBTQ book reviews

Cats and Chocolate – life, writing

Charlotte Museum – Lesbian archive site (New Zealand)

Cheryl Morgan – science fiction with a feminist slant

Creampuff Revolution – lesbian life

Diary of a Goldfish – feminism, disability, politics

Far Beyond Reality – Science fiction and fantasy reviews

Feminist Philosophers – interesting links to feminist research and topical issues

Fourth and Sycamore – interesting literary journal based at Greenville County Library

Fran Wilde – Science fiction and Fantasy

Genevieve Valentine – film, popular culture, big dresses

Gin and Ginger – feminism and other stuff

Godard’s Letterboxes – science fiction, popular culture

Going for Refuge – dharma blog

Heaven Ali – Book reviews

Heloise Martin’s Weblog – book diary

It Doesn’t Have to be Right – science fiction

Jamie Hagen

Jane Eaton Hamilton – poetry, art

Jeanne de Montbaston – reading medieval books

Jet Black Living – life with Myeloma

Julie R. Enzer – lesbian scholarship & literature

Just Another Blog from a Woman

Kaite Welsh – Journalist, editor, author

Kate Eliot’s Blog – science fiction, writing

Lambda Literary – LGBT literature

Lesbrary– lesbian book reviews

Moondanity – science fiction

Muse Daily – art, literature, culture

My Elegant Gathering of White Snows – feminism

The Not so Innocents Abroad – history of sex, food, bodies, pleasure

Notches Blog – History of sexuality

Nursing Clio – medicine, history, science, feminism

Pickled Think – science fiction, writing

Quite Irregular – culture, gender and Christianity

Randomly Yours, Alex – science fiction

Rhys Tranter – art, theory, literature

Sci-Fi Fan Letter – science fiction

Science Fiction and Other Suspect Ruminations – science fiction (mainly classic and new wave eras)

SF Mistressworks – science fiction by women (review site)

Scott Mitchell – Buddhism

Silk Spun 

Smiling Buddha Cabaret – Buddhism, psychology, critical theory

Solitary Diner 

Sophia McDougall – fantasy writer

Tansyrr – science fiction

Theodora Goss – fantasy writer

Tor/Forge Blog – Speculative fiction

Troy L Wiggins – Diverse sci fi and fantasy

Widdershins Worlds – science fiction and fantasy writing

The Writer from the North – writing, spec fic

The Writes of Women – focus on women and writing, plus excellent link round-ups.

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