This week’s culture round-up

Here are 5 famous authors who were famous for something other than their writing

Apparently Great Expectations is the peoples’ favourite Dickens novel.

From Elisa Rolle, a post about lesbian pulp writer Ann Banon. I’ve never read any of her novels ::hangs head in shame::

Most of you have probably already seen this, “Straightening” Gay Characters in Young Adult Fiction

Here’s one for the critical theory geeks from Philosopherzone, The Mind of Jaques Lacan

And one for the writers, a lecture about dialogue from lesbian writer Dorothy Allison

I love these science fiction cover art posts from Science Fiction and Other Suspect Ruminations, A Selection of Vincent Di Fate’s early 70s  covers, and The Best of Alex Schomburg’s 60s novel covers.

A post about Danny Boyle’s great science fiction film Sunshine, Sunshine casts a fantastic light on science fiction. I remember that this film really got under my skin.

From Bad Reputation, a review of Troll Hunter, which is a film I have to see.

From Feminist Music Geek, Long live the pop star flesh, a great post about Debbie Harry and the David Cronenburg film, Videodrome;  also from Feminist Music Geek, a post about Madonna’s much maligned Erotica phase, Lovers Pop.

From Overthinkingit, The female character flowchart. Please can I be the ‘Psycho Feminist Lesbian Amazon’?

From Den of Geek, some helpful advice for your big day, the golden rules of movie weddings and marriages