Jane Eyre (2011)

Having enjoyed Susanna White’s 2006 television adaptation of Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre, I was interested to see what director Cary Fukunaga would bring to this new feature length version.

Spoiler alert – you might not want to read any further if you haven’t read the novel, or don’t want to know what this adaption does to Bronte’s text

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Charlotte Bronte, Villette (1853)

I first read Charlotte Bronte’s last novel, Villette, for my MA about 10 years ago. I remember being impressed, while finding it very bleak.  On the second reading, I find it even more impressive and even bleaker than I did the first time around.  Although I do love Jane Eyre, I think Villette is Bronte’s masterpiece.  It isn’t anything like as enjoyable as Jane Eyre, but it’s a deeper and far more complex work.

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