Three Essays about the Power of Stories to Save Lives

I’m increasingly interested in how children and young people use stories to create safe places during times of trauma. Here are three powerful perspectives.

Living through death with Harry Potter

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Batwoman saved my life

Extra life: how I was saved by video games

childhood is a time of unrelenting terror

Take my word for it, childhood is a time of unrelenting terror. That many of us don’t remember it that way lets us recover and go on with our lives. But if you carry with you a certain fear you are helpless in the face of, that you live with but will never overcome, you probably acquired it in childhood. You may deal with it like a champ, but inside you’re cold water and you truly understand the phrase, ‘Fate worse than death’.

Pat Cadigan, ‘Introduction to Eenie, Meenie, Ipsateenie’, in Patterns, p. 22.