Patti Smith Live: 26.06.2012

Imagine, if you can, almost every lesbian in South Wales and a fair few from the South West and London, crammed into a small wood-paneled venue and you have something approximating the experience of seeing Patti Smith play at the Coal Exchange in Cardiff.  Andy and I were quickly scooped up by a group of fifty-somethings from London who seemed to think we were very young and sweet, and that they ought to support us through our first Patti Smith gig.

I never really thought I’d get to see Patti Smith play live and didn’t believe it was going to happen until she actually appeared on stage.  I think I would have paid the ticket price just for the opener, ‘Dancing Barefoot’, but that was followed a generous set of favourites: ‘Free Money’, ‘Beneath the Southern Cross’, ‘Redondo Beach’, ‘Ghandi’, ‘Peaceable Kingdom’,  a fist-pumping rendition of ‘Because the Night’, a very long (and even better for being a bit messed up) sing-along version of ‘Gloria’, ‘Babelogue’ and ‘Rock N’ Roll N****r’.

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