A Few Nice Things

It’s been good to rest, but I’ve had some difficult days this week. Feelings of sadness and hurt have been welling up. So, here are some links to a few nice things that I’ve found comforting or cheering recently.

Dan Vo’s LGBTQ+ #MuseumFromHome videos are absolutely delightful. You can keep up with them on twitter @DanNouveau

Samin Nosrat and Hrishikesh Hirway’s podcast Home Cooking is wonderful. Full of laughter and helpful lockdown cooking tips. Sadly there are only four episodes.

The Poet Laureate has gone to his shed is a lovely series in which Simon Armitage interviews different people. I really enjoyed the episode with Jackie Kay. Full of warmth and wisdom.

NPR’s Tiny Desk concerts are really fun and often showcase artists in a different light. If you only watch one, make it Lizzo’s!

I find TV cooking shows very comforting. At the moment I’m particularly fond of Nadiya Hussain and Nigel Slater. I’m not really Nadiya’s target audience (busy parents), but her enthusiasm and gleefulness about food is increadibly infectious, I love it! Meanwhile, Nigel Slater is so reassuring. He’s just here to help us cook.

Sapphic Link Love #9

SF Link Round-up

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SF Link Round-up

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End of Winter Culture round-up

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Autumn Culture Round Up

I haven’t done one of these link round-ups in ages, but I’ve been inspired to get back to it by the quantity of good stuff I’ve read recently.

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This week’s culture round up

This week’s culture round-up

A little link round-up

A few things I’ve liked recently: