Little link round-up

  • Ta-Nehisi Coates from the Atlantic writes about Edith Wharton, The Age of Awesome
  • Eclectric Eccentric reviews Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s feminist fable Herland
  • Robert Ebert asks if anyone wants to be well read anymore.  I won’t start going on about the politics of canon formation here.  Read whatever you find meaningful, I say.
  • Speaking of which, from the Hathor Legacy, a list of feminist ‘sword, sorcery and sandal‘ books.
  • Female artists on tumblr, mainly a certain kind of NSFW female artist I should add.
  • Happy birthday to George Takei, Star Trek actor and gay rights activist.
  • From, a post about a movie called Zardoz which I haven’t seen, but really, really must one of these days