The Indigo Girls Live: 18.10.2009

Last night we went to see The Indigo Girls.  This lesbian band has been going since 1985 and the audience at last night’s gig showed a good percentage of older lesbians, but I have to say, I have never seen such a wide range of lesbians in one place at the same time. It would probably take K.D. Lang to better it.  There were even mullets.

The audience’s reception was incredibly warm and the band seemed a little bowled over by it, not having visited the UK for some years.  There were a few complaints from the Welsh cohort who wanted to know why (oh why) they weren’t playing Cardiff.  I don’t think Emily or Amy had the slightest idea where Cardiff is and seemed a bit foggy on the concept of there being two nationalities in the audience. They blamed their agent.

Amy was looking very hot in white shirt, black vest and black pinstripe trousers.  Aside from having slightly smaller hair than she had in her early youth, Emily hasn’t changed that much since 1985 — I mean, flannel shirt over CND T-shirt.

It was a real feel-good gig.  They played several songs from their new album, but relied mainly on favourites from their back catalogue and encouraged much singing-a-long.  In terms of performance, they were absolutely professional and seamless, making it all appear effortless.

I can’t remember the set list in order, but from the new album they played:

Suger Tongue
Driver Education
What are you like?
I’ll Change
Love of our lives
Second Time Around
Fleet of Hope

And from the back catalogue they played:

Power of Two
Three Hits (my favourite)
Closer to Fine
Johnny Rotten (from one of Amy’s solo efforts)
She’s Saving Me
Get out the Map
Hand me Downs
Pendulum Swinger
Fill it up Again