About this Blog


I enjoy writing about literature, science fiction, film, music, pop culture and good food. I’m also interested in mental health, LGBTQ+ issues, equality and social justice.

I love nature and spend a lot of my time rambling around looking for birds and fossils. I work in the voluntary sector and live in beautiful Wales with my American partner of fourteen years.

I’ve had this blog for ages and keep it going because I like sharing my interests and talking to people online. I’m pretty busy these days and don’t have so much time for blogging, but I still try and post here fairly regularly.

Contact me by email: selectedtales@gmail.com

3 thoughts on “About this Blog

  1. I’m wondering how you get your banner photo to change for each different blog post/page? Is that just part of the WordPress page style you use, or do you know a magic trick?

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