This week’s culture round-up

SF Mistressworks posts a review of an anthology of science fiction stories by women, Women of Womder: the Contemporary Years .  I’ve had this on my wishlist for a while and may now get around to buying it.

From Bad Reputation, Dr Who, Feminist Icon?   Ace was my feminist Dr Who companion. I thought she was amazing.

One for the Babylon 5 fans, Andy sums up her feelings about our Season 3 rewatch: Did I mention that my nose was on fire, that I have 15 wild badgers living in my trouser .  Apparently she enjoyed it.

From The Guardian, Connie Willis wins the 11th Hugo Award . I must read some of her stuff.

From Den of Geek, 10  things the movies can teach us about space travel

From Forbookssake, a post celebrating the birthday of Gothic writer, Mary Shelley, who has had a very significant presence in my life.

Here’s a new biography of creepy photographer Diane Arbus

Post-it wars in France.  Glad to see people are making creative use of their time in the office.  I’d suggest it as an activity to my colleagues … if we had any windows in our office to stick them on that is.