End of Winter Culture round-up

First some reading material, a list of 100 Books by black women  and the  impressive (if slightly daunting) prospect that is the The Lesbrary Good Reads Project.

Some Writing wisdom from Toni Morrison and here she is again being completely awesome in an interview.

I was pleased to see lesbian writer, Sarah Schulman, getting her latest book reviewed in a non LGBT publication.

Lesbian.com featured an interview with brilliant lesbian poet Staceyann Chin

From New Inquiry, 7 Days of Queer Theory. This brought back some good memories of reading all these people and getting my head cracked open (in a good way).

The full text of Mythologies, Roland Barthes seminal work of cultural criticism, is available here.

I’ve come across a lot of interesting  speeches by and interviews with Ursula K Le Guin recently: The Intersection of Anarchism and Fiction,  Getting Away with Murder, and A much needed literary award are all good reads, but my favourite is A Left Handed Commencement Address. This is one of those pieces that I can tell I’m going to keep returning to whenever I feel the need to ground myself.

Autostraddle, a site that’s been going from strength to strength recently, has an interview with black, lesbian, fantasy writer, Jewelle Gomez.

The World SF Blog had a post from Aliette Bodard on Mixed race people in SFF

I really like this nuanced post from Fantasy writer, Kate Eliot, about definitions of strength and writing “strong characters” in literature (via Foz Meadows)

Bad Reputation did a good series on women in horror.  I especially liked The Countess is Waiting for You: Daughters of DarknessModernism, Feminism and fear: The Uncanny Stories of May Sinclair  and Lisa Tuttle’s guest post about women who write horror.  There were other posts too though and you should check it out.

Two of my favourite pop culture posts were Anne Billson’s Kidnapped: Women in action movies and Genevieve Valentine’s hilarious review of Hansel and Gretel, which actually made me want to watch the film, dire though it sounds.

From i09.com, Why can’t any recent Sherlock Holmes adaptations get Irene Adler right?  I do find it sad that television shows made in 2012 have managed to be less feminist than a short story written by a Victorian man in the 1890s.

The Rocky Horror Show turned 40 and The Guardian celebrated with an image gallery (Hat tip Bethan)

From Huffington Post, George Takei On Coming Out, LGBT Rights and ‘Don’t Say Gay’ Bill.  I do love George Takei.

Now this is a weird and creepy thing indeed, Star Trek TNG original hair and makeup screen tests. But if that made me shudder, this twitter parody account, TNG: Season 8, made me cry and half suffocate myself with laughter.

2 thoughts on “End of Winter Culture round-up

  1. What a great group of links! I was especially excited to see the review of Sarah Schulman’s memoir; I read it recently and fell in love with it. Have you had a chance to check it out?

    • Glad you enjoyed the links. I haven’t read the new memoir yet, but I’m hoping to get hold of it soon.

      I’ve got the one about familial homophobia, but I’m a bit resistant to reading it because I don’t really want to be confronted with the homophobia in my own family!

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