SF Link Round-up

Following the Guardian’s male-centred article about fantasy, and the #womeninfantasy pushback on twitter, Senny Dreadful posts some thoughts and a massive reading list: Women in Fantasy: Disrupting in Circle

Africa is a Country has a piece on the ways in which African and Afro-diasporic writers are pushing the boundaries of science fiction The Aliens Have Already Landed: The Landscape of African and Afro-Diasporic Science Fiction

A new crowd-funded anthology, Defying Doomsday, will place disabled characters at the forefront of the narrative.

The Kirkus published a good longread on the work of the amazing Joanna Russ, The Radical Joanna Russ

Graveyard Shift Sisters reviews Adilifu Nama’s Black Space: Imagining Race in science Fiction

Excellent post from amor mundi on ‘The smartest guy in the room’ trope: Techbro Mythopoetics

Chuck Wendig writes about the toxicity underlying the concept of talent: The Toxicity of Talent, or did you roll a natural 20 a birth

From npr blog, This month and every month, black sci-fi writers look to the future

Joachim Boaz announces a Kate Whilhelm guest post series

Little Red Reviewer posted an interview with Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

Chie and Weng Read Books held A Process Conversation with Kai Ashante Wilson

The Guardian published a long article about Ursula Le Guin “Wizardry is Artistry” 

And an article about why Lovecraft must go as the figurehead of fantasy and science fiction Move over HP Lovecraft: Writers of colour and speculative fiction

Babylon 5 is very special to me and I’m not at all sure how I feel about this prospect, but here it is . J. Michael Straczynski announces Babylon 5 feature film reboot

Finally, from Manic Pixie Dream Worlds, some 2015 science fiction books to look forward to reading.