SF Link Round-up

The BBC will be hosting a Science Fiction Season this month.

New Interview with Ursula Le Guin over at Salon.com

This forthcoming documentary sounds amazing: Invisible Universe: A History of Blackness in Speculative Fiction

I really liked this piece: On Interstellar, Plot Holes, and Letting Stories be Themselves  (via BethanVJones)

Cherokee SciFi Author Craig Strete has offered Free Downloads of His Out-of-Print Works

This is an interesting article by Cheryl Morgan on the representation of trans people in speculative fiction

Joachim Boaz reviewed a forgotten masterpiece over at SF Mistressworks: Naomi Michison, Memoirs of a Spacewoman 

Rose Eveleth wrote about our short memory when it comes to women publishing science fiction:  Women Rise in Sci Fi (Again)

There’s an Interview with Martha Wells at SF Signal

The current issue of Paradoxa focues on African Sf and the introduction is available for free: A History of African SF

This is one of my favourite posts of 2014: Feminist Fiction, We Need More Mary Sues 

A little heartwarmer for you: Star Trek fan proposes to boyfriend on Enterprise Bridge

And finally, here’s an absolute gem from Neko Case, Ellie Kemper, Kelly Hogan, These aren’t the Droids (via @infamy_infamy on twitter)

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